You will find herein a collection of electronic circuit challenges that should appeal to a multitude of interests.  Which one is most challenging?  Which one is most instructive?  Which one is most novel?  Well, that will depend on your view of things after you have rolled up your sleeves and tried each one.

Philosophical Declaration and Concomitant Commentary

In general, the circuits herein are ideal (no parasitics, etc.).  Some readers may be uncomfortable with the concept of ideal circuits.  Nevertheless, determining solution sets for ideal circuit configurations should precede attempts to analyze their parasitic-laden counterparts.  Gaining an intuitive understanding of ideal circuit operation ought to be a high priority.  Then, when parasitics are introduced, the practitioner will be better prepared to understand what is observed, and better prepared to synthesize complex circuitry in pursuit of desired results.

What we urge here is this:  Become acquainted with ideal circuit behavior first.  Then consider the effect of parasitics that will reside in an actual circuit.  Then use a simulator.

So, enjoy the exercises!  If you discover an error, please use the contact information so that corrections can be made.